Professor ABM Abu Noman (Chairman)

At the heart of any great law school is a great faculty, and the University of Chittagong law faculty plainly qualifies as such. They are not only dedicated and impressive as teachers and scholars, but also uncommonly thoughtful about the ingredients of a first-rate legal education. The Woodruff Curriculum that the faculty devised two decades ago was years ahead of its time in integrating into the curriculum crucial insights about producing practice-ready, ethical lawyers, and the faculty has continued to build on the strong foundation that the Woodruff Curriculum laid. It is very much in keeping with that tradition that the law school's legal writing program ranks first in the nation. Similarly, it is no accident the law school recently became the first to host a moot court competition in the area of legal ethics. The students are another great strength of the Law School. They offer a rare combination of intellectual engagement and genuine collegiality. The students are an impressively diverse group, and the close-knit environment enables them to benefit from, and truly appreciate, the diversity that one another bring. For natural beauty and charm, LFUC are hard to beat. And the law school building is a truly grand and inspiring structure on the outside and a warm and user-friendly facility on the inside. If you have not yet visited the law school, I hope you will do so soon. It is a school with a long and illustrious past and a great future.