Subject Year Download
Proliferation of International Forums for International Dispute Settlements: A Coherence or Contradiction in International Law? 2015
Privatisation of Public Services under the GATS and its Human Rights Impacts 2014
Introduction of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Criminal Justice System of Bangladesh with special reference to Plea Bargaining 2013
Content 2012 2012
A Review on Judicial Activism in Enforcing Economic, Social and Cultural Rights 2012
Contempt of Court: In Search of a ‘Law’ 2012
Implementing Integrated Water Resources Management in Bangladesh: Challenges of Legal and Institutional Reforms 2012
Conciliation as a Method of Pacific Settlement of International Disputes: An Analysis 2012
The Role of Procedural Rigidity / Flexibility on Amendment Frequency: A Study of the US State Constitutions 2012
Application of the Doctrine of Representation relating to the Inheritance Right of the Orphaned Grandchildren in Bangladesh and Pakistan: A Critical Review of the Reforms of Islamic Law of Success 2012
The Triviality of the Children Act 1974 in the Juvenile Justice System of Bangladesh in the 21st century 2012
Possible Impacts of Tipaimukh Dam on Bangladesh with Reference to International Conventions and Laws 2012
Content 2011 2011
Land Rights of Women and Hindus in Bangladesh: Defending the “Justice Claim” 2011
Development Induced Displacement : A Critical Assessment of Legal and Institutional Framework for Resettlement and Re-integration with References to Bangladesh 2011
Arbitration as a Peaceful Means of Settlement of International Disputes: An Overview 2011
Uniform Family Code: An Appraisal of Viability in Pluralistic Bangladeshi Society 2011
Interface between Globalization and Human Rights: A Study from the Perspective of Developing and Least Developed Countries 2011
Reflections on the Possibility of Humanizing the Criminal Justice System in Bangladesh: Implementing Rights of the Accused 2011
The Concept of Political System in Islam: A Review 2011
Content 2010 2010
Local Level Justice System in Bangladesh: Challenges and Search for Way-out 2010
President’s ‘Lockean’ Prerogative of Mercy: A Lawful Lawlessness? 2010
Criminalization of Domestic Violence under International Human Rights Instruments: A Bangladesh Perspective 2010
Human Rights Approach to Environment Protection: A Bangladesh Study 2010
The Husband’s Power of Divorce under Classical Islamic Law and its Reforms in the Modern World 2010
Application and Enforcement of International Labour Standards in India: A Critique 2010
Digital Intellectual Property Rights and Dispute Settlement: A European Approach 2010
Content 2009 2009
Revolution versus Usurpation: the Doctrine of Revolutionary Legality Reexamined 2009
Audit Committee in Various Legal Regimes: A Comparative Study of Developed and Developing Countries 2009
Doctrine of Legitimate Expectation in Administrative Law : A Bangladesh Perspective 2009
The Role of the Auditors in Post-Enron Era: An Overview 2009
The Role of the Organisation of Islamic Conference in Solving the Palestine Dispute: An Appraisal 2009
The Concept of Piercing the Corporate Veil in Corporate Law: A Critical Analysis 2009
Content 2008 2008
Qur’anic Approach to the Marital Discord 2008
Management of Stock Market Risk - Implication for Regulators and Stock Exchanges 2008
Importance of Judicial Discretion and Its Extent to Exclude Prejudicial Evidence in Criminal Justice System 2008
The Role of the United Nations in Pacific Settlement of International Disputes: An Overview 2008
Inter-religious Marriage in Bangladesh: An Analysis of the Existing Legal Framework 2008
National Human Rights Protection Mechanisms in Bangladesh: An Overview 2008
Content 2007 2007
The Problem of Connection between Morality and Law: Devlin-Hart Controversy 2007
Legal Provisions for Protection of Consumers’ Rights and Control of Deception in Bangladesh- Reasons for Concern 2007
Developing Skills of Law Students in Legal English: An Evaluation 2007
Ship Recycling under International Law: An Analytical Overview on Existing and Upcoming Legal Regime 2007
The Kashmir Dispute: Quest for an Amicable Settlement 2007
Right to Information Movement : International and Bangladesh Context 2007
Regional Mechanism in the ASEAN Region for Strengthening Human Rights Promotion and Protection: An Analysis 2007
Towards Reforms of Family Laws Governing Christians in Bangladesh 2007
Access to Justice for Legal Empowerment: A Conceptual Framework 2006
Minimum Wages in Bangladesh –Issues and Challenges 2006
Judiciary and the Dilemma of ‘Office of profit’: A Pandora’s Box 2006
The Trial Scene in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice: Dramatization of Law and Mercy as Reflected in the English Judicial System 2006
Measures against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing: An Analytical Overview of Legal Aspects. 2006
Therapeutic Jurisprudence: Relevance and Prospect in Bangladesh 2006
Critically Looking at the Just International Environmental Order from Developing Countries’ Perspective 2006
Deposit Insurance Scheme in Bangladesh: Searching For Prudent Framework 2006
Content 2006 2006