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University Grants Commission of Bangladesh
Academic Innovation Fund
(Window 1)
Revised Complete Proposal (CP) No- 3156

Improvement of Teaching-learning at Undergraduate and Masterís Level

Sub-project Title:

Enhancement of Quality of Teaching and Learning at Undergraduate and Masterís Level of the Faculty of Law, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh

Area/Discipline/Subject as per section 19.2 of AIFOM: Law

Implementation Period: 2 (Two years)

i. Commencement: 1st July, 2014
ii. Completion: 30th June, 2016

Total cost:

i. In taka- One Crore and forty five lac taka only (145.00 lacs BDT) (Including VAT and Tax)
ii. In US$.- 1,81,250 $ (Including VAT and Tax)