Achievements of the sub-project 3156

Achievements of the sub-project 3156,

Faculty of Law, CU

We strongly believe that the achievement of the sub-project HEQEP CP 3156 is highly satisfactory. Around 600 students and 22 teachers of the Department of Law, CU has been immensely benefited from the activities of this sub-project.

Summary of the achievements of the sub-project activities are as follows:


Improvment of Faciltities and Infrustrcutre

1. Modernizing of Teaching-Learning material and facilities: For modernizing teaching facilities, we have supplied

1) 38 Desktop computers

2) 10 Laptops

3) 19 Printers

4)  3 Scanner

5) 2 Modern and In-built Multimedia Projectors for the Auditorium

6) 1 Multimedia Projector for casual use in the class room

7) Sound system in the five lecture Gallery rooms 


2. Enriching the Library: Under this Sub-project, we have procured of

1) 393 books on different title of value of BDT 10, 00,000/- ten lacs which has significantly enriched Chittagong University Law Faculty Library rich.

2) 101 books on different title of value of BDT 3, 00,000/- three lacs which has significantly enriched Chittagong University Law Faculty Library rich

Teachers and Students of this Faculty are benefited by these books which are mostly published by international publishers.

3. Developing Computer Lab:

With the financial support of this project, we have developed a computer lab for Law Faculty students and provided twenty computers for the students. 38 computers

4. Installing CCTV Camera:

We   have installed 12(twelve) CCTV camera in the different places of the Law Faculty building i,e: Computer lab, Library and surrounding areas of the  Law Faculty for maintaining security of the building.

5. Modern Moot Court Room:

We have constructed a Moot Court Room with modern furniture and facilities.

6. Photocopier Machine, Freeze and LED TV for Dean Office:

We have procured a photocopy machine for the library. We have procured a freeze and a LED TV for Dean Office and a LED TV for teacher’s Common room.

7. Law Faculty website:

We have upgraded existing Website of Law Faculty, CU by appointing a consultant.

8. Digital Camera:

We have purchased a digital camera for keeping documentation.



1. Updating syllabus and curriculum: We have updated the existing Law Faculty syllabus and curriculum by appointing a Consultant and arranging two-days long workshop. We have printed the updated syllabus and curriculum.

2. Teachers Training and Study Tour:

1)  We have organized two-days long training on Research Methodology for the young teachers of the faculty of Law and Social Science.

2)  A Faculty member - Mr. Jashim Ali Chowdhury, Assistant Professor, Department of Law, CU attended the Conference on “Public International Law Summer Program-2015” held in July 2015 in China and another Faculty member - Hasan Mohammad Roman and three students participated in 14 the Surana & Surana International Technology Law moot Court Competition-2015 held in India with the financial assistance from this project

3)  We have provided financial support to five students for attending 10th Economic Social Development Right (ESDR) Program on “Right-based approach to International Co-operation in Post-Disaster Reconstruction", organized by Kathmandu School of Law in Nepal.

4) We have financially supported the participation of our students in the Krishna Iyer Memorial IPR Moot Court Competition 2015 organized by the Symbiosis Law School, Pune, India

5) We have also financially supported the participation of a team from the Chittagong University Law Department in the First International Criminal Trial Advocacy Competition 2016, organized by Symbiosis, Pune, India.

6) We have also financially supported the participation of a team from Chittagong University in the 3rd International Human Right Moot Court Competition 2016 organized by the Bharatya Bidyapeeth Deemed University, New Law College, Pune, India.


3. Clinical Legal Education Training Program

During the last three years, we have already completed three months long training on “Moot Court” for fourth year LL.B. (Hons.) students of the Faculty of Law, CU in every year. In the training program, a total of 450 students (each year around 150) participated and get directly benefitted. Resource persons included lawyers and judges from Chittagong judge court and Dhaka Judge court.

4. Conference/Seminar/workshop/Training

We have organized many training program/workshop/seminar in different topics including:

  1. “Problem Solving Skill", 6-7 December 2014 and 16 January, 2016
  2. Seminar on “European Laws and Institutional Lessons for SAARC”- 12 February 2015. Professor Robert Wintemute, Kings College of London, UK presented the paper.  
  3. Workshop on "Forensics and Scientific Evidence: Utility and Admissibility” - 12 Auguest 2015. Quazi Mahfuzul Haque delivered the lecture. 
  4. Seminar on "Law reforms in Bangladesh: Role of Law Commission” - 4-9 October 2015- Professor Dr. Shah Alam, member of the Law Commission delivered the lectures.  
  5. “Administration and Practices of Land Law in Bangladesh” - 5-6 December 2015. The lectured were delivered by legal practitioners and judges.
  6.  Seminar on “Cases on Muslim Law of India, Pakistan & Bangladesh” -lecture was delivered by Professor Emeritus Alamgir Mohammad Serajuddin on 7th December 2015.
  7. Workshop on “Research Methodology”13-14 May 2015
  8. “Teaching and Research Methodology”- delivered by experts from Australia and Bangladesh, 15-16 May, 2016. Professor Shawkat Alam, School of Law, Macquarie University, Australia mainly delivered the lectures. 
  9. Seminar on “Modernist Interpretation of South-Asian Muslim law” 3 June, 2015- lecture was delivered by Professor Emeritus Alamgir Mohammad Serajuddin.
  10. Teaching Law: “Problem & Opportunities” for law teachers,  15 July 2015
  11. “Inter year Law Department student debate competition”, 12 September, 2015
  12.  “Legal Ethics: Theory and Practice”, 17 September, 2015.
  13. Training on “Art & Practice of a Mooting” – Law teachers of CU-26 November, 2015
  14.  “Administration and Practices of Land Law in Bangladesh” 5-6 December 2015,
  15.  Workshop on “Understanding the Investigating Agencies within the context of Criminal Justice”,19 December 2015
  16.  “Laws & Administration of Taxation in Bangladesh” 29 January & 5-6 Fabrury 2016
  17. Workshop on “Updating syllabus and curriculum of the faculty of law” 10-11  February, 2016
  18.  “Marine Pollution in the Bay of Bengal: In Search of an Effective Response”, 30 March 2016.
  19.  “Fresher’s Training on Mooting and Trial Advocacy”, 31 March 2016
  20. Workshop on “Theoretical Framework of Academic Legal Writing & Writeshop”, 30-31 May, 2016
  21. Parish Agreement on Climate Change: Implications for Bangladesh”, 31 July, 2016
  22. Workshop onRule of Law and Transitional Justice" 8-9 November, 2016. Lecture was delivered by Prof. James Fry, Hong Kong University.
  23. 'Groundwater Pumping: Incentives, Perils, Science, Law and Follies'- 10-23 December, 2016. Professor Robert Glennon, University of Arizona, USA delivered the lecture.
  24. Seminar on “The Judge as Constitution-maker: Reflections on the 16th Amendment Decision of the High Court Division” 20 February,2017
  25. “Three Day Long Workshop on Land Survey and Land Records” 28-30 March 2017
  26. Seminar on “Separation of Judiciary: Case for a Supreme Court Secretariat” 27 May 2017
  27. Workshop on “Using Social science Research tools for legal Research” 30-31 May 2017


5. List of Resource Persons in workshops, seminars, writeshop, training programmes, clinical legal education


  1. Professor Robert Glennon, Arizona University, USA,
  2. Judge Karen Adam, USA,
  3. Professor Robert Wintemute, Kings College, London, UK;
  4. Professor James Fry, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, and
  5. Professor Shawkat Alam, Macquarie University, Australia.


  1. Professor Emeritus Alamgir Mohammad Serajuddin, CU;
  2. Professor M. Shah Alam, member of Bangladesh Law Commission;
  3. Dr. Shahdeen Malik, Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh;
  4. Dr. Naim Ahmed, Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh;
  5. Barrister Tureen Afroj, Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh;
  6. Dr. Sharif Bhuyan, Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh;
  7. Barrister Tanim Hossain Shawon, Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh;
  8. Professor Fasi Uddin Ahmed, CU,
  9. Professor Abul Hossain, CU, Professor Anowara Begum, CU;
  10. Professor Taslima Mansur, DU;
  11. Professor Biswajit Chanda, RU;
  12. Professor A. N.M. Wahid, RU;
  13. Dr. Ridwanul Hoque, DU;
  14. Dr. Mostafa Mahmud Naser, CU;
  15. Dr. Mahbubur Rahman, DU; Quazi Mahfuzul Haque Supon, DU;
  16. Professor Ruhul Amin, CU;
  17. Professor Monirul Hasan, CU; Professor Sahidur Rahman, CU; P
  18. Professor Jahangir Alam, CU;
  19. Professor Farid Uddin, CU.



6. Scholarly Publications:

We have published

1) A book on ‘Cases and Materials on Clinical Legal Education’ for law students and teachers. In this book many distinguished academics have contributed their writings.

2) We have also published the Law Vision-2015- a periodical for law students.

3) We published soon a book on 'New Dimensions of Law', which will cover important issues of law in Bangladesh.



  1. We have already made academic collaboration with Arizona University, USA and Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, New Law College, Pune, India.
  2. We are made academic collaboration James Rogers Law School of Arizona University, USA and under this program me, Professor Robert Glennon and Judge Karen Adam visited CU Law Faculty for two weeks from 10th to 23th December, 2016 and delivered lectures for the law students.
  3. A team headed by Dr Abdullah Al Faruque and other three teachers and members of this project attended the Global Legal Education and Intellectual Property Rights Conference organised by the Delhi University Law School.
  4. We have made academic collaboration and signed a MoU with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).Professor Dr. Iftekhar Uddin Chowdhury, honorable Vice-Chancellor,CU and Professor A.B.M. Abu Noman, Dean, Faculty of Law and SPMT member, HEQEP CP-3156.