Milestones to Evaluate Sub-project Implementation



Reference to Specific Objectives

Critical Activities

Verification methods



Modernization of teaching materials and facilities for the Law Faculty

1 & 3

(i) Need assessment

(ii) Procurement of teaching materials

(iii) Installation of teaching materials

(iv) Testing of teaching materials

Official approval of VC assessment repots, voucher of expenditure

 Proactive participation of SPMT, VC, Chairman of  the Department


Updating syllabus and curricula for the Faculty of Law


(i) prepare plan for the work

(ii) Form a review panel comprising senior members of the Faculty

(iii) Provide orientation for the review panel

(iv) Hire expert for the task

(v) Update syllabus

Official approval, verify records, stock register, availability existence 

Active participation of Faculty members, administrative support by the Chittagong University authority,


Improvement of ICT facilities


(i) Conducting need assessment

(ii) Budget preparation for IT equipment

(iii) Install IT equipment

(iv) Hire IT firm, design website, develop materials for web-portal, upload teaching materials in the website portal


Official approval, assessment repot, web portal materials, procurement records, certification and records

Active involvement of faculty members, Hire IT firm in time


Holding conference, seminar, specialized refreshers course on law and clinical legal education


(i) Hire specialized persons for the assignment

(ii) Design programmes, courses and develop teaching materials

(iii) Undertake specialized course


Official approval, attendance sheet, report, printed teaching materials, certification and decision

Active involvement of faculty members, Hire resource persons in time


Enhancing  capacity of teaching  staff


(i)  Undertake training programme

(ii) Organise exposure visit

(iii) Hire specialized person for the assignment

(iv) Design course and develop teaching materials

Approval of academic committee, publication of research journals

Active academic participation