Sub-project Summary

Summarize the broad components, activities, methods, expected results, outcomes and strategies to be used in accordance with the specific objectives for implementing the sub-project. The broad impact expected as a result of the activities carried out must be explicitly stated. Please try to furnish the information about the above mentioned items under individual paragraph captions.

The proposed project will aim at improving quality of teaching and learning environment for the students of the Faculty of Law, University of Chittagong through updating syllabus and curricula, providing improved facilities for teaching, modernizing IT facilities and undertaking exchange program, training for the teaching staffs. The project will facilitate capacity development of the teaching staff for innovative and high quality teaching and promotion of quality learning of students at the graduate and undergraduate levels of the Faculty of Law, University of Chittagong. Introducing clinical legal education will be one of the main objectives of the project to equip law students with practical knowledge and skills of lawyering. The activities of the project will include organizing seminar, conference, and knowledge transfer through undertaking exchange programme with foreign universities, faculty visit to foreign universities, and enrichment of library and computer lab for access to international law journals. The project activities will also include participation in seminar, workshop, and conferences and training at home and abroad, research skill development for the students, formulation of need based student-centered curricula, enrichment of library and computer lab, interactive sessions, modernization of class room with scientific equipments, introducing clinical legal education, externships, invitation to national and foreign scholars etc.  The broad impact of the project will include updated syllabus, trained teaching staff, modernized teaching facilities, which will enhance the quality of teaching and learning and produce quality law graduates. The expected outcome will also include improved academic programs at under-graduate and graduate levels and increased research and publication output of the teachers and students.